Check Out The Most Tricked Out Build On The Market Today

January 16, 2019

This no expense spared build is fully custom with the technology and power to rip through the seas. The owner loved this yacht so much they are upgrading to a brand new 76 model, which is currently under construction!

The sport cruise is the manifestation of countless inquires from those wanting to cruise in style without giving up performance. The retro design combined with, state of the art technology, soothes the appetite of owners that demand more. The distinctive profile lines blended with authentic craftsmanship demonstrate the trademark of what propels our product in front of the pack. Insuring dreams become reality, this yacht exemplifies our dedication in separating the mediocre from the exceptional.

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The 2017 Roscioli Donzi R58 Sport Cruise is a fully tricked out custom build that is the finest 58 on the market today!

Roscioli Donzi Yachts R58 Sport Cruise Layout

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