Roscioli Donzi Yachts Builds New R58 Sport Cruise

April 13, 2016

FORT LAUDERDALE (April 13, 2016) -- Known for its uncompromised luxury and innovative concepts, Roscioli International, Inc. proudly announces its latest edition to the Roscioli Donzi Yacht line, the completely redesigned R58 Sport Cruise.

The new Sport Cruise is characterized by its versatility and top performance, making it the ultimate vessel for cruising, entertainment or relaxation.
The Roscioli Donzi R58 is available in three different models -- the Express, Sport Cruise and Convertible, which encompass retro designs yet modern finishes and first-class amenities.

The interior features exceptional headroom (6'8") throughout the 3 stateroom, 2.5 head layout with spacious bunks and showers. The open floor plan, with optional sliding windows, provides a casual setting overlooking the cockpit and lanai while producing an airy atmosphere.

Noteworthy is the stand-up engine room (5'10"), which houses massive C-32a 1900hp Caterpillar engines. To provide first-rate performance and aid with noise reduction, the present build will incorporate Von Widman underwater exhaust, Seatorque oil bath shaft system combined with a Seakeeper 16 Gyro, all of which will assure the best ocean experience regardless of sea conditions.

The R58 can exceed 40 knots, equipped with a capacity to hold 1,500 gallons of fuel and 250 gallons of fresh water.

Every Roscioli Donzi Yacht is custom crafted and features state-of-art-vacuum infusion technology for a finish that is stronger, lighter and overall superior to conventional lamination.

The R58 Sport Cruise is slated to debut in October just in time for the 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

"We are really proud to offer the R58, which exemplifies our authentic craftsmanship and dedication to our customers," said CEO Bob Roscioli of Roscioli International, Inc., who recently sold the redesigned R58 Sport Cruiser to an avid local yachter, who has constructed several boats throughout the last four decades.

"As the leader of the pack in boat building and yacht repair for over 50 years with Roscioli Yachting Center and Roscioli Donzi Yachts, I've always been excited to provide my knowledge and expertise on boat building and to create the most advanced vessels with the newest technology," Roscioli continued.
In addition to expanding the company brand, Roscioli and his team have worked tirelessly in transforming Roscioli Yachting Center into a full service multi-million dollar facility in Fort Lauderdale, which is leading the shipyard industry as a premier facility.

The yachting center is a pioneer in the luxury shipyard experience, making captains and owners a priority with state-of-the-art amenities, which include wider docks, undercover storage, 8 individual sheds on land, haul and launch, a commercial kitchen, captain's lounge, fitness center and much more.

For more information about the R58 and other Roscioli Donzi Yachts, including the new R88, visit or call 954-581-9200. Also follow Roscioli Donzi Yachts on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.
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R 58 Sport Cruiser