Donzi 80 with NAIAD Motion Interceptors

Watch a Donzi 80' Sportfish by Roscioli glide through the ocean using the Naiad Active Motion Interceptors.

Naiad Dynamics®, the world leader in ship motion control solutions, introduces the Motion Interceptor Ride Control System: a low cost, low power consumption, low weight motion control system for high speed (20 to 60 knot) vessels from 10 to 100+ meters (30 to 300+ ft.). The system provides fully automatic and simultaneous control of dynamic roll, pitch and heave motions, and continuously optimizes heel and trim for improved comfort, seakeeping, speed and fuel economy.

The Donzi Difference Designed, engineered and built by the legendary Bob Roscioli and his team, the Donzi Sportfish Yacht is the epitome of brute power packaged in the most polished and flawlessly crafted custom yacht available anywhere in the world. On the open sea they reign with the stealth and prowess of an unchallenged predator. At rest they are a timeless work of art.

Everything about a Donzi Yacht is razor sharp. They are built to satisfy the most demanding owners and their captains in any and all fishing conditions. From the classic lines, glistening finish and elegant interiors to turbocharged performance and maneuverability, they truly stand alone. And when they run, they are unmatched. Response to the throttle provides an explosiveness of acceleration that can only be described as awesome. From idle speed to top end cruising only takes seconds. The ability to nimbly turn tight circles in their own wake is truly phenomenal. Crafted for the most discerning blue water devotee, they will get you to the fish and they will get you home.