Experience the Roscioli Difference

Today's "Sportfish" buyer is faced with many variables to be considered before making an intelligent decision. The wide variety of vessels offered further complicates this decision process. As you explore the competition, we encourage you to evaluate several key points of distinction that we feel make our vessels the best value in the Sportfishing market. They are what make a Roscioli Donzi Yacht a significant departure from the competition.


At the top of the list is the commitment by the family behind the name. Each Roscioli Donzi Yacht is built to standards set by Bob Roscioli, a man with over 50 successful years in the business of building, repairing, and painting yachts for the most discriminating yachtsmen in the world. Each owner of a Roscioli Donzi Yacht receives a full owner's documentation package. Another Roscioli plus is the new Roscioli Yachting Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where servicing what we sell completes our commitment to the buyer.

Design & Engineering

The classic lines of a Roscioli Donzi Yacht are recognized worldwide. Together with the latest design and engineering developments they make the dynamics of our legendary performance possible. Our full lift hull bottom handles loads of horsepower, absorbs various weight loads without penalty & delivers seaworthy performance second to none. Solid "Total Beam" state-of-the-art infusion methods coupled with cored fiberglass construction enable our design advantages to be put to sea in a way that must be experienced.

Engine Room

Clean simplicity is the design criteria used for every engine room built by Roscioli. Attention to detail is everything. Whenever possible, auxiliary equipment is located in designated spaces making the engine room open and spacious. Surfaces are painted with a durable, easy maintenance, white urethane with a "mirror-like finish". Careful attention is given to the installation of the pumps and thru-hull fittings for easy servicing. The propulsion engines are urethane painted with easy access on all sides. Generators are also urethane painted and located for trouble-free operation. Batteries are located centerline for easy level checks and housed in urethane fiberglass boxes.

Sound Reduction Technology

Standard on every Roscioli Donzi Yacht is our 20-point sound package. Our goal is ordinary salon conversation levels during operation. At rest, the vessels systems are designed for minimum operating sound. Notable points are:

  • The latest linear exhaust technology with sound barrier applied.
  • Engines and generators are secured on factory designed vibration mounts.
  • Salons are constructed with side sound blankets, a floor made with sound absorbing structural core material and an under carpet sound mat.
  • Salon support posts with vibration isolators.
  • Air inlet boxes made with sound absorbing structural core material.
  • Foam filled strategic void areas.
  • Vibration mounts on all pumps, blowers, motors, etc.

Electrical Installation

Each Roscioli Donzi Yacht has an electrical system designed to A.B.Y.C. standards using only quality wire, terminals, breakers, switches, and components. The main panel is custom made with reverse engraved Lexan(tm) faces. All panel functions are wired to terminal strips and posts mounted in a full aluminum enclosure protected with an independent fire bottle. Sub-panels are made to the same standards and are located for convenient access. Wires smoothly radiate and are neatly bundled and tied. Where necessary, wires terminate in aluminum boxes for further distribution. Completing the installation is a documented color and numbering system designed for easy field service.

Underwater Gear

Propeller shafts are Aquamet 22HS sized for a 5:1 safety factor. Cutlass bearings and dripless stuffing boxes are also installed. Each main strut is a single airfoil leg design, custom cast from 316 stainless steel and fitted with a cutlass bearing. Propellers are custom, 4-blades custom tuned to each vessel for maximum performance. Rudders are high aspect design with the lower bearing housed in a custom bronze stuffing box and the upper bearing mounted on an aluminum stringer.

Fit and Finish

Each vessel receives a classic Roscioli urethane paint job according to your color selection. Figured into the color scheme is a multiple layer epoxy bottom paint system. All bilges are smoothed, urethane painted, and brought up to a yacht finish. Wood finishes, inside and out, are executed to perfection. Each interior is designed with the owner and handcrafted by skilled Roscioli personnel. Likewise, exterior woodwork is made with premium wood, hand selected for color, grain and stability.

Seaworthy Performance

"The Roscioli Difference" is most notable in the way the vessel behaves in the environment it was intended for. In a head sea, they are fast and dry. Following seas are handled with a steady tracking ability that requires a minimum of steering corrections. Wide chines and keel add to beam sea stability even at trolling speeds. Whatever the condition, the steering is incredibly responsive requiring a minimum of effort. Full speed, hard over turns are performed without excessive cavitation to a radius that has to be experienced. Our yachts have been fished worldwide in every possible condition and have exceeded all expectations.


Not every Roscioli Donzi Yacht owner is an avid fisherman but for those who do fish, these yachts have proven to be serious fishing machines. Bob Roscioli has combined his fishing knowledge with the experience of some of the most prolific billfish captains to translate the cockpit into to a place of business. The cockpit is constantly being reviewed under actual fishing conditions by Bob, his staff, and current owners for ways to keep Roscioli Donzi Yachts on the cutting edge.

Retained Value

Time and time again pre-owned Roscioli Donzi Yachts are sold for more than the original price of the base boat. The limited number of Roscioli Donzi yachts available keeps these extraordinary vessels commanding top dollar in a market flooded with imitations. A Roscioli Donzi Yacht is by far the best investment value in the custom yacht and sportfish market today. We believe that these vessels are the finest custom yachts available on the market. We invite you to experience the Roscioli difference first hand with an offshore sea trial which can be arranged through the Roscioli International, Inc. headquarters in Fort Lauderdale.